Image, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

What should you take note of before your examination?

Remove all metal-bearing objects 

Before entering the magnetic-resonance-imaging (MRI) examination room, you must remove all objects that might contain metal, including money, keys, jewellery, watches, glasses, hearing aids, removable dentures, etc. Also check and smart cards must not be in the proximity of the magnet, otherwise they could become useless. The strong magnetic field of the MRI is in constant use even if no measurements are being made!

Pacemakers and Co.

Patients with pacemakers, implanted automatic defibrillators, or with several older types of artificial heart valves and inner-ear implants cannot undergo an MRI examination. Items which usually do not interfere with an MRI scan include:

  • Organic and most of the newer artificial heart valves
  • Implanted drug pumps
  • Metallic vascular clips or vascular prostheses
  • Metal implants such as nails, plates and prostheses in bones and joints

If you have documents related to a metallic implant, please bring them to the investigation.

Metal fragments in the tissue 

Metal fragments fixed into tissue also do not represent an interference threat during the MRI, however, the investigation may not be conducted when such metal fragments exist in or near the nervous system, lungs, eyes or vessels.

You must notify us about it in all these cases before the examination. When in doubt, our experienced staff and doctors will gladly help and advise you.

MRI examinations are offered here 

MRI examinations are offered at the following locations of radiologicum munich: