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How does MRI work?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) does not make use of x-rays, but of magnetic fields and radio waves. Therefore, the patient is not exposed to radiation during an MRI examination.

Principle of "magnetic resonance" 

Normally, all nuclei in the body rotate around their own axes. This angular momentum is called "nuclear spin". Through their own rotation these nuclei generate a minimal magnetic field. Particularly important here are the hydrogen nuclei because they occur most frequently in the body.

The magnetic alignment of the hydrogen nuclei is purely coincidental in natural circumstances. However, if one places a strong external magnetic field around the body, these nuclei then align themselves in the same direction, namely in the longitudinal direction of the body.

Magnetic fields and radio waves 

Magnetic resonance imaging utilises this exact principle. The MRI machine contains a very strong magnetic field, which is completely harmless to humans. In addition to this magnetic field, the MRI device sends out high frequency radio waves during the measurements, due to which the parallel alignment of the hydrogen nuclei in the magnetic field changes. After each radio wave pulse, the hydrogen nuclei return back into the longitudinal direction determined by the magnet. During this process the atomic nuclei produce signals, which are measured during the examination and then processed to generate computer images.

However, this alone is not sufficient to get usable image slices (tomograms) of the body. Therefore additional magnetic fields are applied to the body with the aid of so-called coils. With the help of these magnetic systems it is possible to depict a body part from various angles.

Measuring the water content of tissues 

The body sends out differing signals depending on the varying amounts of hydrogen nuclei in the different tissues. This allows the different tissue types to be distinguished from one another on the images, for example healthy from diseased tissue.

By adjusting the measurement settings on the computer you can also enhance or weaken the appearance of certain tissue types.

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