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Radiology Giesing

Welcome to Radiology Giesing – your practice for radiological and nuclear-medicine diagnosis and early detection!

At Radiology Giesing, we provide you with top-quality medical services in a personal and pleasant atmosphere.

Radiology Giesing at Giesing Station

The radiology practice at Giesing Station dedicates itself as a centre for nuclear medicine to diagnosis and early detection of diseases using nuclear-medicine procedures:

Furthermore we focus on examination in the open MRI unit, diagnostic radiology and ultrasound:

Due to the excellent networking within radiologicum munich we are also able to offer you all other currently available state-of-the-art radiological and nuclear-medicine diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

More informationen

On the following pages we have compiled the most important information about us and our medical services for you. Our team of highly skilled specialists look forward to your visit!